Cultural Activities


Cul-ture [kuhl-cher] Noun – Development or improvement of the mind by education or training. Verb (used with object) – To subject to culture; cultivate. The Pulse kids are often from single-parent families who struggle economically. Many parents do not have their own means of transportation, so the children spend much of their

Gospel Programs


Giving Hope The Pulse offers daily after school programs. The Bible-based lessons encourage morals, teach life principles and good citizenship. The group games teach teamwork and sportsmanship. Our programs are designed to bring kids closer to understanding God’s plan for their lives, and teach them how they can make a difference in their

Educational Help


Education in the Inner City Coming from single parent homes, many Pulse students struggle in school. About half are already one year behind. Some have parents who have never finished high school. Many parents struggle to provide basic school supplies for their children. Reading is a critical bridge to success in school.

Recreational Activities


Sports and Outdoor Fun The Pulse encourages good clean outdoor activities! We accomplish this with many fun physical activities such as swimming, sports, trip to state parks, and camping. The sad reality is that without the pulse, these children would not get to experience the outdoors. Most of our children come from single